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Garofalo and Partners studio has several skills in developing software to match your needs. We can help your business developing clean code and custom software. We are also egineers so we are in the internet of things. We are developers, we are makers.



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Our Projects. Project Management Tool.

The architecture can be both in Saas that installed at the EDPs. All prints reports and documents can be customized as the layout of the delivery to the client document. A customer, but year-old projects to be managed with M’s activities and, above all, a team that works with files, email, photos and anything else you can “imagine.” Everything is under control and the project manager can monitor and control your team with historicized and contextualized communications. The program management of all projects is also manageable through a statistical interface that allows us to understand the progress and the workload. The Gantt chart is an enrichment of the platform that works to states and changes of states, inter alia, totally configurable. A project is conceived and followed every “step” created and administered by their own process of implementation of the SME.

Our Projects. UAV with live Video Surveillance and Gun.

The Gun Ship is a Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with live video surveillance infrared and visible spectrum) and is outfitted with an AA12 automatic shotgun system. The AA12 is capable of firing 5 rounds per second and can carry a 20 round drum. It is capable of flying 60 miles per hour with 1 hours aloft time on standard tanks and can deliver live motion pictures to the ground console within a diameter of 10 miles at 1500 feet altitude. Unique Designs:

  • Aluminum chassis
  • 2 Bladed head, carbon fiber blades, rotor disc diameter 7”
  • Electric start (drill starter)
  • AA12 Automatic Shotgun
  • Patented Fully autonomous and “operator-directed” flight control system
  • Visible spectrum video or IR video for foresight targeting
  • Ground station for performing mission planning Portability
  • Can be carried by two people – wheeled to the takeoff point
  • Gross weight is approximately 55 pounds

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