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Solutions come from a huge experience working in companies, it’s so possible to individuate all basic functionality which are primary for the company development. Garofalo and Partners develops complex systems based on scalability.



& VPNs



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Fax Servers Solutions

  • no limits line management(depends on the hardware)
  • on site installation and configuration
  • complete administrationr interface: console and web access
  • server mail interface
  • send/recieved statistics

SMS Server Solutions

  • no limits SIM line management(depends on hardware)
  • on site installtion and configuration
  • complete administrationr interface: console and web access
  • server mail interface
  • send/recieved statistics

Mail Server services
This solution needs some requirements:

  1. Rmx record
  2. Client setup not included
  3. Need to define about old mail recovery


  • Mail server(basics protocol management: POP3,SMTP,IMAP): SQ-MMBG
  • Linux platform(ubuntu,debian)
  • no limits web mail(depends on hardware)
  • no limits inbox(depends on hardware)
  • complete administratior interface: console and web access
  • on site installation and configuration
  • Antispam service

How we can manage and defend your business.

Garofalo & Partners offers solution to defend and manage your systems. Our solutions can be provided and implemented directly on customers’ hardware but at the same time we have advanced hardware solutions like our “embedded on board”. Installation and configuration is faster in case we provide our hardware solutions and structured using our philosophy “install and forget”.

Garofalo and Partners also provides backup systems to store your data avoiding losses. We install the Backup Systems on site, monitoring send/received  data and providing a complete administrator interface with console and web access.

We manage and protect your system using VPNs and Firewalls. Here are some of the capabilities:

  • Software Firewall stateful inspection
  • Firewall(LAN,WAN) with choice of setting up one or more DMZ
  • Aadvanced VPN services HOST-TO-NET and NET-TO-NET
  • Block access service to WAN time-based or user-based
  • Band Shaping service LAN oriented with choice of setting up service priority
  • Tracing and logging statistic services for all the comunication passing through the firewall
  • IDS service(intrusion detection system)
  • Notice events services with email notice directly to the team
  • Transparent proxy serice, web access control system
  • Advanced browsing control based on national and international blacklists filtering, or on regular expressions in 3 mode service(noticifation block, block, stealth recording)
  • Programmable phrase weight for browsing block of all site not reported into blacklists
  • Configuration saving and log service on CDROM
  • PAT and NPAT connections on many WAN addresses simultaniously
  • WEB CACHE firewall to accellerate medium speed browsing of the LAN
  • Firewall as DHCP Server for the LAN
  • Firewall as Time Server for the LAN
  • Remote control panel on web using secure channel with 2 differentiated access levels

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