Engineering Services

> Information & Communication Technology
> ICT for Healthcare
> Design, Project Management and Testing
> Designing Special System
> Security & Privacy
> Digital Forensics
> Energy Management
> Company Certification System

Our Solutions

> Application Solutions
> Fax Server
> SMS Server
> Mail Server
> Centralized Backup System
> VPNs & Firewalling
> Integrated Hardware

Garofalo R&D

> Project Management Tool
> UAV with Live video Surveillance and Gun
> Life Long Learning

Biagio Garofalo. The Head Engineer.

Biagio Garofalo is the founder and Head Engineer of Garofalo and Partners. Thanks to his research of innovative solutions and his ability to always look to the future, Garofalo & Partners is a dynamic reality in this business.

Thanks to his business experience, skills and foresight Biagio Garofalo is part of most important agencies in this business:

Confindustria Salerno

& UNI INFO Technical Member of

  • Committee UNI/CT 041 “Settore Aerospaziale e difesa” 
  • Committee UNI/CT 510 “UNINFO Sicurezza Security” 
  • Committee UNI/CT 510/GL 01 “Serie ISO/IEC 27000” 
  • Committee UNI/CT 519 “Tecnologie abilitanti per Industry 4.0” 

Siamo Membri del ClusterFabbrica Intelligente

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Headquarters. Contact us.

We are based in Salerno, IT

Our Headquarters are based in a beautiful city near Amalfi Coast. Our new headquarters offer also an opn space for webinars, conferences and much more.

..but we are also in UK

Garofalo and Partners has offices in UK in order to deal with International clients. You can contact us by fax or phone and have a deal with us wenever you need

We hunt candidates. We help companies.

Garofalo and Partners studio helps companies to find candidates that match their needs.
Join our network and find out our job offers in the following hotspots: engineering, ICT, Industry 4.0, avionics, Healtcare and more. Feel free to apply for any.