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Garofalo and Partners studio has developed high skills in projecting and directing LAN/WAN works, Structured Cabling, Data, Phony, Video(MPLS). We are also highly skilled in Data Center design, Business Intelligence Design and Development using B.I platforms (OFA,SAS,B.O, BOARD etc..)



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Industry 4.0. The smart innovation.

Before being a technological revolution , it involves a cultural revolution. It affects the way you think about industrial product, the way people work. It concerns the relationship between workers and robots, factories that become more and more flexible, sustenaibility,  it is intelligent, in other words, smart.

The Industry 4.0 is based on the new relationship between human-beings and digital world. This combination generates the so-called cyber-physical system: a complex network of machines, computing facilities, storage and communication devices. As the big multinational companies have very extensive systems, an optimization of the Energy management through devices that regulate consumption, will bring about considerable saving. For instance, by differentiating lighting lines through devices that can change the brightness according to the influx and the timeslot.

The aim of Industry 4.0 is to use this cyber-physical system in order to:

  • improve manufacturing and distribution processes;
  • obtain greater efficiency;
  • reduce costs and, consequently, guarantee lower sales prices;
  • increase the final demand from consumers;
  • add new products and new services.

This definition includes all of the technology components and devices (sensors, GPS, other) that provide the interface between the physical and digital worlds, and they allow to communicate through the Internet with other objects, to exchange information, to change the behavior according to the input received, to store instructions and, therefore, to learn from the interaction.

The most significant outcome will be the deployment of intelligent objects, as any physical product can be equipped with terminals that can transfer informations and receive remote instructions.

The development of  IOT has obvious consequences on the factory:

  • flexibility levels previously unimaginable;
  • customization of products up to the single specimen;
  • real-time communication between the marketplace, suppliers, design and production.
  • important effects on plant characteristics, production volumes and product range.

The term is used to synthesize the set of technologies that allow you to collect and process the large mass of information passing through the internet. The major problem in the development of Big Data is perhaps the difficulty of processing the data in order to obtain useful results to make decisions.

With the Industry 4.0 the digitalization of the systems can transmit millions of raw data on the characteristics of the production cycle by improving the efficiency of the system.

We refer to big data using the four Vs:

  • the speed with which data can reach the processing centers;
  • the volume of data that can be processed;
  • the variety of processed data from heterogeneous sources.

Additive manufacturing

The production cycle for 3D printing begins with the creation of a virtual model of the component to be produced, processed using a three-dimensional numerical simulation software; then the digital file is transferred to the printer, which can also be located far far away from the design. The printer stretches thin layers of powders which are melted and aggregated one another, layer upon layer, creating the final product. It is, therefore, a production by the addition of material, as opposed to the traditional technology of subtractive technology.

Digital manufacturing

It indicates a production process that uses several innovations such as 3D Printing, IOT, Big Data, Simulation tools, Three-Dimensional Visualization and Production Monitoring. The peculiarity of this method is that it allows to simulate the whole production cycle before its actual start-up. The ultimate purpose is to verify the possibilities of improving the efficiency, simulating the behavior of individual actors: machines, workers, raw materials, semi-finished products and components. Digital manufacturing integrates business functions facilitating the exchange of information and once production starts guarantees the feedback from the activities by providing information in the design.

Automation of industry 4.0

The complexity of the production processes and the communication skills of “smart” machines strengthen the role of the functions that give or integrate intelligence in technological capital. IT, software, algorithms and the devices give intelligence to machines.

Next-generation robots

Among the most reliable technology in the industry 4.0 there are robots that can operate close to workers with no barrier. These robots can operate on a small scale, even for very simple operations or can be used to perform more heavy and dangerous works.


The workforce demand in the Industry 4.0 comes with generic skills, while intelligent machines become implies absorption of living skills, reallocates the knowledge over the cycle and in the networks that feed production, is based on the transformation of knowledge lives in replicable information, incorporated into a database.
Industry 4.0 “control” is not synonymous with immobility, but with know how to manage complexity.


Today there is a tendency to not make at most a clear separation between the different production cycles, as in the past, but we try to help as much as possible the various phases of integration within the company, so as to minimize the time to market of the product requested by the customer.
This phase of integration means renewal of design and product development with a review of production processes, while building the prototype no longer has the characteristic of being in the first stage of development, because we must not separate it from the operational system: the development is performed on the production lines.
In the smart factory in the middle of the process there is the consumer – user, therefore customize products and integrate the marketing within the design.

We Design. You Communicate.

Collaboration and Document Management
Garofalo and Partners studio designs and sets up document management informative systems and digital protocols. Each communication tool, based on WEB 2.0, is managed and structured using database.  Our Philosophy consists in providing all staff members with mail server services, web access and advanced collaboration services.

Workflow management
Garofalo and Partners studio develops and sets up informative systems applying workflow management systems to most strategic processes. The most used management system is Lotus Domino version 9.x, in which we have developed an “architecture” to make orders and digital protocol for any kind of input/output documentation with specific autentication levels.

Biomedical Imaging
Garofalo & Partners studio carries out a screening of the biomedical structures of the companies  and includes them into a management plan of strategic assets. The skills acquired provide the ability to immediately identify the obsolescence of the assets and the planning of technological levels to be achieved. Garofalo & Partners studio designs exclusively digital image systems according to the philosophy of paperless.

Document management
Any kind of document is digitalized and archived in appropriate database accessible both through client-server mode or web mode. The structurs is hierarchical and it is divided by subject in accordance with the policies of access by role.

Our Philosophy. Our Guidelines.

Our philosophy in projecting a new information system is based on two guidelines: scalability and collaboration.  Scalability is for the infrastructure, collaboration is for the functional application.
Scalability indicates both how much the system can be easily upgraded and how it can be easy to change the destination of used resources. In order to get this feature we made technological choices towards the most popular and tested systems market, giving particular importance to long term experience and  high technological value.
Collaboration means the ability of an information system to become a system management information. The technology platform is the basis for all systems, but it is only necessary and not sufficient. So, technological system is an integral part of an information system, but it is not the only distinguishing feature.
Collaboration is a set of procedures which allows a technological platform to become an informative system. It is important to understand that an information system is a complex and heterogeneous dimensional space in which the elements are both technological and functional. At the same time, it is important to unedrstand that a man is the main part of an informative system and marks processes with his skills and limits. Our vision creates knowledge within the company and it will put the man at very heart of the information system .

The main goal is to have all information available straigth after it has been generated or manipulated for the first time. This means that a working information system is based on man and the optimization of its daily processes. The “must” of the new society is no longer “use computer resources and etc”. We make the information pivot in the whole system.

Understanding these words is indicative of the difference between a winning system and a system heavy, slow and implemented as an impostor. In history there are many infrastructures that has cheated the nature of man but Fortunately, almost everyone has seen the failure of ideology.

What we can do for your business.

Garofalo & Partners also designs security policies to fulfil customer needs such as: control, verification, monitoring and control access of public & private areas . We start by making a needs analysis and continue with the compliance with the reference standard about legal obligations; then we carry on with executive design and work supervision.

Everything terminates with a system certification system according to prerequisites of the committant. We also use AI technology support to design image analysis systems for the security of public and private areas where security is the main goal.

We offer an exhaustive consultancy on energy, analysing the “energetic system” of a company. We also make saving plans and environmental impact assessement with a specific focus on  “Green”.

We design thinking about what we want to develop and what customers ask for always respecting nature balance.

Garofalo & Partners designs the quality system of any company. This allows a better divulgation of the philosopy of “quality” and it permits a better availability of the instructions for all the team.

Information and communication technology
ICT for Healthcare
Design, project management and testing
Designing special systems

Secrity and privacy
Digital Forensics
Energy management
Company certification system

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